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On the 22nd of Kislev, November 29th, the beautiful neshama of DeeDee Pelled journeyed on, leaving her family, friends and an entire community devastated. The week of Shiva falls out on Chanukah, a holiday in which we mark the miracle of the light and aim to add more light in the world. The warmth of the lights of Chanukah are much like DeeDee’s warmth. She was a woman who loved to host Shabbos meals and cared deeply for those around her. She embodied the Mitzvos of Hachnasos Orchimm (Inviting Guests) and Ahavas Yisroel (Loving Kindness to Others).


To honor DeeDee’s memory, and send love and warmth to those she leaves behind, we ask you to join our Mitzvah Pledge campaign.  Our goal is to flood this Chanukah season (shiva period) with light and mitzvos.  Think of a Mitzvah that you can commit to in the z’chus of DeeDee’s.  Maybe it’s lighting Shabbos candles a few minutes early or increasing your own Hachansos Orchim (like DeeDee loved to) or giving Tzedaka, affixing Mezuzas, teaching a Torah class, or any other mitzvah.  Let’s light up the world with so many mitzvos that we tip the scales, bringing Moshiach today and reuniting with those we love.


This Chanukah, do a Mitzvah for DeeDee!  #Deeds4DeeDee


You can also help support DeeDee’s family financially during this devastating time.

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  1. Dina

    I decided to take upon the mitzvah of inviting guests because I heard your mother always invited guests. And when I do that I will do it with a different tone. And I will think of your mother when I invite.


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