About Mitzvah Pledge

This site was lovingly created by the Chabad of the Carolinas family to encourage the performance of Mitzvot in the merit of זכרי’ה אברהם ברוך בן אפרים. We don’t pretend to understand the calculations of G-d, yet, “All of Israel is connected to each other” and like limbs of one body, when one feels pain, so do we all.

According to Chassidut, a Mitzvah has the power to reveal the source of everything in this world. We know that G-d is only good and that through our performing Mitzvot, we can the reveal the positive source of even the most trying and troubling circumstances and CHANGE the way they are projected in this world. As the Rebbe once told a grieving mother, “Every Mitzvah that we do in someone’s memory is like sending them a gift in Heaven.”

For this reason, we thank you for visiting our site and we encourage you to visit frequently as you pledge and perform many Mitzvot to strengthen the Jewish People both physically and spiritually and bring about the coming of Mashiach!